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Spanish (Costa Rican) voice talents - selected demos

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Listen to our shortlist of selected voice talent demos and choose the perfect voice(s) for your project! Need more demos? Browse our VOICE LIBRARY or contact us to consult your approach!

Voice over in Costa Rica


Let's face it- it's quite challenging to come across a Costa Rican Spanish voice over service that can convey the authentic experience with your content. There's no question that most voice over companies put a lot of effort to achieve it. They review customer materials, assign appropriate translators, proofread translated scripts, organize castings and select the most suitable voice actors to match the original voices. Recording and post-production take place in an acoustically treated, secure studio environment and the file of the translated version is usually easy and convenient. 


But there's a catch.


Your original content is produced in another country and within a very different cultural context. That's why simply translating it into Costa Rican Spanish is not nearly enough to convey its creative intent. In result, a Costa Rican Spanish, or any other language version, becomes a distant reflection of the original. And shows that are a huge success on one market end up being mediocre on others after voicing. 


To help you craft an authentic experience with your content in Costa Rica and achieve a native feel, we apply a culture-first approach on localization. We produce a voice over that considers all local norms and traditions to recreate a culturally relevant, immersive and engaging viewer experience. Thanks to our Costa Rican Spanish voice over services you connect to your local market on a cultural level. Translated lines sound as natural as in the original dialogues while capturing all language nuances. We breathe life into your stories and bring your characters closer to the hearts of local viewers.


Here's the deal- it takes just 3 easy steps with us to make the perfect voice over in Costa Rican:



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Since 1994 we have localized over 50 000 hours of TV programming in foreign languages for providers like Discovery Channel, TLC, HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and many more. The list gets bigger when we add voice over of over 1000 film titles for theatrical and TV distribution, as well as blockbuster games like League of Legends, GTA and Civilization.


But that's not all.


We are also a preferred multilingual voice over vendor to leading advertising agencies like Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi, localizing countless TV commercials for Fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Gillette, Sony, BMW, Danone and many more.


Mean what you say in Costa Rican Spanish

What makes over 300 companies come back and reward us with more than 10 000 projects over the years is the fact that we apply cultural intelligence in our localization and voice over services. It’s a group of methods that blend meaning and feeling with local expertise to provide you with a peace of mind that your content is appropriate for Costa Rica. We don’t simply translate and voice your script. Instead, we assist you in culturally adapting your message for the Costa Rican Spanish market. By working with linguists and employing cultural sensitivity, we convey the authentic experience with your audiovisual media in Costa Rican Spanish to capture the hearts and minds of your local audience.

What our voice over clients say:

Josh Tailor

Content manager

May 9, 2023

“"Amazing work on localizing our series! Thank you"”

Ruth Cunningham

Advertising manager

Feb. 8, 2022

“"Great commercial voice overs! Bravo!"”

William Knopp

Localization manager

Nov. 17, 2022

“"Very immersive voicing for our game characters! Thank you!"”

Adam Cohen

Globalization consultant

Jan. 22, 2024

“"Thank you for the great job on our e-learning course!"”

Your Costa Rican Spanish voice over- quick, easy and convenient!

Costa Rican Spanish voice over services

Costa Rican voice over services


Why you need Costa Rican Spanish voice over services is what determines our approach on your VO project. We align with your business goals to define success before planning and executing on production. Voice over (voiceover, voice-over) is mostly used by Entertainment, Education, Media, Technology, Film and Video game industries for making their videos accessible to a local audience. Voice over, also referred to as "UN style", is a production technique where a voice that is not a part of the narrative is added to the media file. We mean voice over when we hear the voice of someone we can't see on the video. The script is recorded by a voice artist off-screen, generally in a narrative, storytelling tone. Voice over is the preferred approach on localization for short-form audio-visual content of narrative or documentary nature where translation of the script is the main objective. 


Here are our voice over services:


  • Spanish transcription
  • Spanish voice over translation
  • Costa Rican voice talent castings
  • Professional Costa Rican voice over directors
  • Recording and dialogue editing
  • Costa Rican Spanish radio imaging
  • Costa Rican Spanish jingles
  • Spanish audio description
  • Graphics localization in Spanish
  • Audio post-production
  • 2.0 and 5.1 mix
  • Sound design
  • ADR
  • M&E QC
  • ISDN/ Source Connect


Media content genres


GoPhrazy provides Costa Rican Spanish voice over services through our network studios for the needs of your TV, film, cartoon, animation, commercial, theatrical, e-learning, IVR and video game media. We harness emotional intelligence and employ empathy to make sure that your media content transcends the genuine concept, fascinates and engages your local audience on a cultural level. Thus you can establish a deeper cultural and emotional connection with your local public, deliver an authentic and immersive experience regardless of any cultural or communication differences. 


Costa Rican Spanish character voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for TV series, feature films, 3D movies, animations, cartoons, motion pictures, impersonations, video games, children songs, theatrical and cinema, pre-school content. Casting the right voices, with relevant experience and executing the voice acting performance is essential for the retaining of the authentic meaning and conveying the original media experience. We are here to guarantee absolute consistency between the original and the Costa Rican version. 


Costa Rican Spanish commercial voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for TV and radio commercials, ads, announcements, promos, trailers, imaging, jingles, corporate, explainer, PR and marketing videos. Companies promote to connect with viewers on an emotional level and establish a relationship that leads to the desired action. We understand the central role of voice to humanize your communication and are here to help you with competence to reach out and achieve your commercial goals on the Costa Rican market.


Costa Rican Spanish video game voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for  action, adventure, arcade, board, casino, educational, racing, simulation, sport, strategy, mobile and social media video games. As an experienced video game voice over vendor, we know the specifics of this cross-disciplinary field that combines elements from audio-visual and software localization. Regardless of your video reference availability, our agile approach guarantees a seamless production and an exceptional video game experience.


Costa Rican Spanish narration voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for documentaries, instructional and training videos, audio-books, audio dictionaries, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations. Storytelling is one of the oldest ways of communication. Its ability to influence and power is beyond words. Narration is to be presented with an alluring voice of command and authority to lead Costa Rican viewers through the storyline. We see behind your narrative and take your audience towards another place in their imagination.


Costa Rican Spanish e-learning voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for e-learning modules and courses, e-learning software, multimedia training, online lessons, webinars, language learning programs. Technology changed the way we perceive information and distribute knowledge. From neuroscience, we also know today that people learn by forming emotional footprints while establishing certain semantic relationships. We take into account that modern learning is an emotional experience that goes through a painful learning curve and understand the importance of human-feel motivation for Costa Rican trainees.


Costa Rican Spanish interactive voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for GPS navigation, mobile apps, audio tours and tutorials, museum and in-store kiosks, in-flight and elevator messages, talking toys, website audio. Modern media is a key component in technology automation and language services are a major ingredient for scaling resources. Users enjoy interacting with content as long as it feels human and personalized and that's where our native voices come in. We tailor your interactive media to the Costa Rican users and use our voice over competences to make the experience feel seamless and truly natural.


Costa Rican Spanish mobile voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for mobile apps (games, entertainment, utilities, social networks, productivity, lifestyle, reference, travel, sports, navigation, medical, business, education, weather) and mobile content (mobile TV, audiobooks, news, films, podcasts). Innovation and technology have opened a whole new universe of possibilities to experience media, express and share real-time emotions throughout social network channels. Content personalization, multichannel interaction and device interconnection form a digital echo system that enables viewers to communicate in new ways and where content follows, assists or entertains you wherever you are. We help you take full advantage of the mobile revolution and share your content on any device, anywhere, anytime by creating an authentic and truly immersive experience-to-go in in Costa Rica!


Costa Rican Spanish IVR voice-overs


Costa Rican voice over services for IVR, music and messages on-hold. Telephony and phone marketing take a special place in our list of interactive voice over services. We know how much is at stake when it comes to sales or customer support and how important it is to utilize every single opportunity to inform you current or potential Customers on what your company does, what your brand stands for and how you create market value. We are aware of the responsibility to give your brand a voice and we carry it with the pride that we have contributed to your success in Costa Rica.


Content distribution channels


Our Costa Rican voice over services cover a large spectrum of industries and distribution channels. Knowing your market enables us to deliver consistently across mediums, platforms and formats. We apply a holistic, customer-driven view to identify your needs and consult you on your project. Through employing cultural intelligence, we engage your local audience in its native tongue and within its cultural context, considering all their local memes, cultural patterns and sensitivities.


What is our voice over industry experience


  • TV and YouTube channels
  • Content distributors in Costa Rica
  • Film producers
  • IPTV service providers in Costa Rica
  • VOD and OTT platforms
  • Advertising agencies
  • E-learning platforms
  • Video game companies
  • AI and machine learning
  • Other LSPs


Our quality


Every Costa Rican voice over company states they provide great quality but what does that mean? We have a very clear definition of voice over service quality and to us these are not just empty words that we throw at our Clients. We define our quality as a service delivery that is consistently:


  • On-time
  • In-full
  • Error-free


We constantly measure the OTIFEF KPI and tie achieving targets with financial compensation for our crew to enhance the motivation, dedication and commitment for sustainable quality delivery. 


What makes us different


While other Costa Rican Spanish voice over vendors are focused on technology (mostly to make their lives easier), we are focused on the Costa Ricanviewer. It's our audience-centric concept on voice over production that sets us apart from the crowd. We understand that we are a part of a much bigger picture, a supply chain that exists to co-create end viewer value. For us staying true to the original and delivering a memorable viewer experience in Costa Rican Spanish is the ultimate goal of all our efforts. 


  • Holistic view
  • Culture-first approach
  • Focus on viewer experience


Select Costa Rican Spanish voices that fit your genre and characters!

Costa Rican Spanish voice over agency

Costa Rican voice over agency


As a boutique multilingual and Costa Rican Spanish voice over agency, GoPhrazy provides a selection of professional Costa Rican male, female and kid voice talents (actors, artists) at competitive rates. We connect you with the best, most talented and top-performing voice over actors in Costa Rica! So welcome to our extensive, megadiverse, hyper-organized, super detailed and search-friendly Costa Rican voice over library! Our voice bank of professional, handpicked male, female and kid Costa Rican Spanish voice talents, voice over artists and voice-over actors stand out to reflect your vision. 


Costa Rican voice talents


Are you looking for native Costa Rican voiceover talents that will make a difference to your project? Do you crave professional male, female or kid Costa Rican voice-over actors that will perfectly fit your content, articulate the ideas, emotions and experiences behind it? Are you in a search for Costa Rican Spanish voice artists that will bring your script to life and tell your story in a way that will make your Costa Rican viewers fall in love with your products, services, characters or with your brand?


Relax. Your search is over.


We handpick Costa Rican Spanish voice talents that put love in what they do. We work along with them to ensure they take a fresh look at every new script with the same passion as nothing is acquired and everything needs to be reinvented every single time. And when your viewers take their seats in the conference hall or in the living room, they fasten their seat belts to embrace nothing but the authentic, original experience. Whether it's the welcome voice of Microsoft's phone system, the new Ariel commercial or it's the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie, they nail it every single time. So let us do the talking and take this off your chest thus you can focus on doing what you do best.


Professional Costa Rican voice actors


All our voice actors and actresses are based in Costa Rica. We are well aware that many Costa Rican nationals live abroad and some of them have a professional voice acting background or even a home-based voice over recording studio. Sure, a mother tongue is developed phonetically and grammatically in early childhood. However, when living in a foreign country, especially for a long time, there is a risk of developing an accent which we are not willing to take when working on your Costa Rican Spanish voice over project. Thus all our Costa Rican voices reside in Costa Rica.


Experienced Costa Rican voice artists


Our native Costa Rican voice artists paint beautiful pictures in words. They capture the nuances of the Costa Rican Spanish language to enrich the images through sound and create authentic personalities. Besides the official language, we also cover all the local Costa Rican accents and remote dialects. And if you need a Costa Rican-accented English to add some local flavor, we've got you covered! Thanks to our artists and directors, your media is believable, realistic and engagin in Costa Rican.


Costa Rican voice over training


All our Costa Rican voiceover talents are required to retain authenticity from the original dialogue. To ensure a superior voice acting performance, each voice artist goes through intensive training before becoming a GoPhrazy approved talent. We apply qualification tests on our Costa Rican voice actors, including voicing various characters and content of different genres. Besides voice acting, we also put a lot of extra stress on grammar to make sure that our Costa Rican voice overs are always accurate and linguistically compliant with the Costa Rican Spanish language and its cultural norms.


Costa Rican voice talent castings


Stay true to the original while considering the local context in your selection of Costa Rican voices! Ensure consistency with the authentic experience by taking advantage of our extensive network. Our audition process is simple, flexible and affordable, providing you with only relevant options. We support several approaches on voice casting and upon your instructions, we can organize:


  • Costa Rican voice talent casting by demo (free of charge)
  • Costa Rican voice talent casting by a custom script
  • Costa Rican voice actor live casting
  • Celebrity Costa Rican voice talent castings


Costa Rican Spanish voicebank


Dive into a pool of handpicked Costa Rican voices and select the one (s) that fit your content needs! Browse through our voicebank and listen to our Costa Rican Spanish male, female and child voice demos. Our voice library archive is segmented into different categories to facilitate access to Costa Rican voices by gender, accent, tone, pace, emotion, reading style, voice age and vocal characteristics. All our talent roster voice demo reel is professionally recorded and produced, compliant with global audio standards. From voice actors with e-learning or video game background to voice artists with film, commercial and animation experience, our voice library provides uncomparable detail and insight to help you select the most appropriate speakers for your Costa Rican Spanish voice over. Samples of completed Costa Rican Spanish voice over projects by genre are also available in our database.


Meet your dedicated Project Manager


With us, you are not left alone to figure out how things work or what's next! Your dedicated project manager will lead you throughout the entire process of your Costa Rican Spanish voice over project and assist you in navigating at every step of the way! Take a full advantage of voice over service personalization and individual approach. Terminology questions? Talent selection? Format issues? Simply contact your PM 24/7, sit back and relax while we address it with unparalleled attention.


Get your Costa Rican Spanish audio files super-secure, super-fast!

Costa Rican Spanish voice over studios

Costa Rican voice over studio


What makes our Costa Rican voice over studio so unique is the people, process and technology. Our audio production facilities is where we tell your stories and where the real magic happens. Imagine a studio environment of unique architecture, designed for the finest sound reproduction. From microphone positioning, through frequency corrections, dynamic processing and sound effects, to a perfect balance of the final mix, our sound engineers will apply various techniques to extract the perfect broadcast-quality sound for your Costa Rican voice over recording project. Optimize your budget by reducing the need for retakes! Your Costa Rican voice over will sound so beautiful and crystal clear that your most demanding customers will be delighted to thank you for our work. 


Our studios


  • A professional acoustic studio environment
  • Pro Tools & Mac Pro workstations
  • Neumann microphones
  • Integrated production ecosystem
  • Storage in temperature and humidity controlled areas



Voice over technology


Accelerate time-to-market and expand your reach in Costa Rica with workflow orchestration! Take advantage of our cloud-based project management system to save cost, time and track the progress of your Costa Rican Spanish voice over translation project! It is a unique collaborative environment designed to our specific needs in order to manage, centralize and automate voice over workflows. Thanks to our platform we can now streamline the localization process, providing consistency and transparency at every step of the way. With a global remote workforce and empowered by our technology, you get a competitive advantage that sets the stage for the success of your project.    



Media asset security


Trust your media assets to our security-certified Costa Rican Spanish voice over service! We know how important security is for the major studios, global broadcasters and OTT platforms we work with. We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the best specialists and the most cutting-edge security infrastructure in the world for you! From the physical design at our office and studio locations, through our bullet-proof platform, media sanitization procedures and studio insurance policies, we have gone far and beyond to guarantee the ultimate security for your media content. 


Costa Rican Spanish voice over tips


  • Review the Spanish script for spelling errors and grammar issues
  • Confirm that you send the final version of your script for recording
  • Prepare a glossary of terms, names, etc. that need to remain unchanged
  • Provide reference materials and check if the subject might already be translated
  • Be aware of usage as voice talents grant permissions for agreed-upon channels only
  • Consider buyouts for broadcast distribution


Take advantage of our most competitive rates!

Costa Rican Spanish voice over rates

Costa Rican voice over rates


How we provide the most competitive Costa Rican Spanish voice over rates is one of your biggest assets. The rates for voice over production have 2 major components - production costs (transcription, translation, studio costs- recording, edit, mix, post-production a.k.a. file cutting, trans-coding, naming etc., talent fees) and usage fees- royalties or buyouts which reflect the nature of the content - broadcast (TV series, films, commercials) or non-broadcast (e-learning, video game, IVR), the channel of distribution (TV, theatrical, web etc.), its geographical coverage (local, regional, national, global) and requested usage period (a month, 3 months, 9 months, a year, unlimited). Urgency charges may also apply for express (within 2 days) or rush (same day) file deliveries. Discounts are available for large work content volumes and/ or long term working commitment. 


It might seem too complicated for you to navigate at first but all our quotes are very transparent. Offers are all-inclusive, with no extra charges or hidden costs and come with a friendly account manager to explain all the details so you can easily evaluate and compare with other proposals.


Costa Rican Spanish voice over prices


Due to economies of scale, technology utilization and supply chain integration GoPhrazy provides you with the most competitive prices for Costa Rican Spanish voice over services in the industry at no compromise with quality. We build collaborative supplier relationships to guarantee consistency with the prices over time and make your ongoing projects predictable with budgets. At the same time, we know that each project is unique. We consider your content genre (broadcast- TV series, movies, cartoon and animation or non-broadcast- video games, e-learning, IVR), distribution channel (TV, OTT, VOD or other), the volume of content, number of voice talents involved, project complexity and other factors to provide you with a custom quote that best suits your VO needs. 


Costa Rican voice over studio costs


The length of your script (in words or minutes), the genre and volume of your content, the complexity of your production specifications and requirements (synchronization, edit, post-production) affect the production costs of your project. We consult our customers on how these costs could be optimized without compromising the expected sound quality. Our individual approach allows us to be precise on your needs and reduce your expenses in order to provide you with a cost advantage over your competitors for Costa Rican Spanish voice over recording studio services. Upon request, we offer our most competitive, professional studio voice over production costs for: 


  • Costa Rican voice over studio booking per hour
  • Costa Rican recording, editing and mixing
  • Costa Rican kids songs voicing
  • Costa Rican voice over directors
  • Costa Rican audio post-production
  • Remote monitoring (ISDN, Source Connect)
  • Rights authorization, usage and buyouts


Costa Rican voice talent fees


Our voice over talent fees are affected by the same factors as the overall rates, along with several other individual criteria like talent's voice acting experience or union membership. Some have a local celebrity status, charge a minimum recording session fee or are generally busy and hard to book.  As we know our Costa Rican Spanish voice over talents and that every case is unique, we approach every project individually. Upon request we can provide our custom, most competitive:


  • Costa Rican union voice talent fees
  • Costa Rican non-union voice actor fees
  • Costa Rican celebrity voice artist fees



What is Costa Rica famous for


Costa Rica, nestled between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, commitment to conservation, abundant wildlife, and eco-tourism opportunities. Foremost, Costa Rica is famous for its incredible biodiversity and lush rainforests, earning it the title of the "greenest" country in the world. Visitors flock to its numerous national parks and reserves, such as Corcovado National Park and Tortuguero National Park, to explore dense jungles, towering waterfalls, and active volcanoes. Moreover, Costa Rica is celebrated for its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism. The country has set aside over 25% of its land as protected areas, demonstrating its dedication to preserving its natural treasures for future generations. Eco-lodges and eco-friendly tours allow visitors to experience the country's natural wonders while minimizing their environmental impact. Costa Rica's abundant wildlife is another major draw for visitors. From colorful toucans and resplendent quetzals to playful monkeys and majestic jaguars, the country is home to a staggering array of species.

Birdwatchers, in particular, flock to Costa Rica to spot rare and exotic avian species in their natural habitats. Additionally, Costa Rica is famous for its adventurous spirit and plethora of outdoor activities. From zip-lining through the canopy to whitewater rafting down rushing rivers, the country offers adrenaline-pumping experiences for thrill-seekers of all ages. Costa Rica's peaceful and stable democracy, coupled with its friendly and welcoming people, further enhance its reputation as a top travel destination. The phrase "Pura Vida," meaning pure life, encapsulates the country's laid-back attitude and emphasis on enjoying life to the fullest. In essence, Costa Rica's fame rests on its breathtaking natural landscapes, commitment to conservation, abundant wildlife, and adventurous spirit, making it a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

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