What is GoPhrazy?

GoPhrazy"s now the fastest-growing media localization service provider in the world! We are the only LSP that applies a culture-first approach to localization in order to guarantee the authentic experience with your media content in another language.

Why choose you?

For 25+ years of experience we have built a service that is quick, responsive, reliable, convenient, transparent and risk-free. By leveraging a custom technology we provide superior quality and still remain cost-effective, while our culturally intelligent approach guarantees that your content is culturally appropriate in any language.


How does it work?

1. Send us a quote request through our dubbing / subtitling form OR via e-mail

2. We will assess your needs and provide you with a custom quote.

3. Upon approval from your side, we will send you a Purchase Order (PO).

4. You will fill in the PO with your requirements and specifications.

5. We will execute the PO and provide you with the ready-to- use files

- In case corrections are needed, we will amend them at our expense

- In case there is a change in your provided requirements or specifications, we will negotiate a fair, additional rate for our compensation in a spirit of partnership.

6. Once you accept the project, you will be issued an invoice.

7. You will make the agreed payment, and we will close the project.

8. Upon request, we will store your files within a period of time, for future updates.

Which languages do you work with?

GoPhrazy provides media localization in 150+ languages.

What media do you localize?

We localize both broadcast and non-broadcast entertainment, commercial, e-learning, video game, interactive, mobile and IVR media.

Can you cover large volumes of content?

Yes, we are very experienced in new TV program launches. Channels generally trust us with 500-700 hours of content to be localized within 3-4 months when starting a new/ localizing existing programs.

Where are you based?

GoPhrazy is based in London, UK.

Are your resources native speakers?

Yes, we employ only native speaking linguists, transcriptionists, translators, subtitlers, editors, proofreaders, validators, voice actors and dubbing directors.

Do you work with organizations or private individuals?

GoPhrazy is a B2B media localization provider, we work solely with organizations.



What services do you provide?

We provide dubbing, voice over, subtitling, open & closed captioning, audio description and SDH for media content in 150+ languages.

Do you offer translation?

We translate scripts only as a part of a voice over, dubbing or subtitling project.

What subjects do you specialize in?

Our media localization competences and experience are in Entertainment, Advertising, Education, Video game, Language learning and Technology.

Who works on my content?

GoPhrazy partners with in-location studios and freelance specialists to provide a native input for your language versions. We add scale (cost reduction), project management, administration and quality assurance to deliver superior value and customer experience. All our partners undergo a strict onboarding process to comply with our professional standards which are among the highest in the industry.

How do you process frequent updates?

We negotiate in advance with you a fair rate for ongoing projects.

What formats can you work with?

We work with virtually every audio-visual format that is out there.

Do you store our files for future use?

Only upon your request, we can safekeep a copy of your files for continuous projects (additional storage charges may apply). We otherwise archive it for security reasons.

What extra help can you offer?

Upon request (additional charges apply unless included in our quote), we also provide transcription, translation, time coding, editing (timed at sentence, paragraph, word or lip movement), remote studio access (ISDN, Source Connect or phone patch), premium QA (proof-hearing on each individual file) and additional post-production work (adding music, sounds, effects, file splitting, file naming and more).

Do you provide intellectual property usage authorization?

Yes, we handle all the intellectual property rights (royalties, buy-outs, copyrights and residuals) and grant you with usage authorization for your media language versions as per our agreement/ quote/ PO (additional charges may apply unless included).



How much does it cost?

Price depends on the project nature and scope, provided instructions, specifications and requirements. Thus, we approach each request individually in order to identify your needs, goals and expectations, before estimating our most competitive rates.

How do I get pricing?

Please send us a quote request through our dubbing / subtitling form OR via e-mail with a description of your project. We will review it in detail and get back to you ASAP with our questions (if any) or with our most competitive rates.

In what currency are your rates?

We estimate our prices in Euro, USD and GBP.

How do you charge?

Depending on the nature of your content we charge differently.

The billing units that are mostly used are:


- Per minute of source material (applied to TV series, films, animation etc.)

- Per opening song or ditty (applied to kids animation etc.)

- Per prompt (applied to IVR, on-hold messages, GPS navigation audio etc.)

- Per finished audio minute (applied to audio books, dictionaries etc.)

- Per hour of studio time (applied to studio rental projects like ADR etc.)

- Per trailer, promo, tag, spot, video, file, word, page (appplied to specific projects)

Are there any hidden costs with GoPhrazy?

No. We discuss your requirements and price accordingly. Once you have placed your order with us, we will adhere to our quoted price.

Is there a minimum fee for localization?

No, no project is too small for us.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, we apply the following discounts:


- Upfront payment

- First time Client

- Volume

- Loyalty


Claim your discount at our Account Managers! More promo codes- on our website.

Will I know exactly how much it will cost before ordering?

Yes, we will provide you with a detailed quote and proceed only upon your approval.

Can you give me a rough cost over the phone?

No, as we want to be very precise with pricing.

Do your prices include VAT?

No, all our prices are VAT excluded.

Do you have a general rate card?

No, each project is unique and the combination of language pairs and services are endless. Thus, we approach each request individually and provide custom quotes.



Do you charge for quotations?

No, all our quotes are provided free of charge.

How do I get a free quote?

Please specify your project requirements and provide us with your quote request through our dubbing / subtitling form or via e-mail

What is included in your quotes?

Everything. Our quotes include all charges and fees. All rates are total and final.

I have sent a request. What's next?

We will get back to you ASAP with our quote or additional questions (if any).

How long before I get a response?

We strive to respond to all requests within 1 hour, regardless COVID-19 situation.

When do I get a quote?

As soon as we clarify all your needs and requirements, we will provide you with our all-inclusive quote.

For how long are your quotes valid?

All our quotes are valid within 30 days.

Do you provide a custom quote for each project?

Yes, we approach each request individually and provide custom rates.

Why do I get a different quote depending on what I ask?

We take into consideration numerous factors like nature of your content, volume, talents involved (if any), usage etc. to provide you with our most competitive rates.

What do you need in order to provide a dubbing quote?

We need to know:


1. Content genre (entertainment, advertising, e-learning, video game, technical etc.)

2. Volume

3. Number of talents involved and their roles

4. Buyouts (TV, VOD, OTT, Theatrical, Web)

5. File specifications

6. Delivery terms (turn around time)


What do you need in order to provide a subtitling quote?

We need to know:


1. Content genre (entertainment, advertising, e-learning, video game, technical etc.)

2. Volume

3. File specifications

4 Delivery terms (turn around time)



Getting started

How do I place an order?

Upon your confirmation on our quote we will provide you with a PO for you to fill in. Once you send us the completed PO, your order is placed, and we start working on it.

What if we don't have the script yet?

Word or page count would do for the quoting process.

How should I send files over to you?

We work with all major transfer methods like Aspera, Signiant, WeTransfer, FTP.



When does the localization process start?

Once we receive your completed PO, we start working on your project.

What if we had to change our script?

We will redo the files based on the new script (additional charges may apply).

How can I track my project status?

Your Account Manager is 24/7 available to update you on your project.

How do I request a revision?

Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your request.

How do I modify/ cancel my order?

You need to contact your Account Manager. Please note that once the project has started, any modification or cancellation on your end leads to additional charges.


Delivery & TAT

What are my delivery options?

Standard delivery- a minimum of 3 days (no additional charges).

Express delivery- within 2 days (additional charges apply).

Rush delivery- same day (additional charges apply).

What delivery methods do you use?

Whether you prefer Aspera, WeTransfer, ftp or other, we will consider the delivery method that is most convinient to you.

What is the timeline of my project?

As agreed in the quote/ PO.

When do we receive the target media files?

As agreed in our quote/ PO.



Can you make corrections if needed?

Yes, please contact your Account Manager to discuss your request.

Who pays for corrections?

If a correction is needed due to our failure to meet the agreed requirements and specifications, we cover it completely free of charge. In case a correction is needed due to change/ addition to the requirements or provided materials, we will negotiate a fair additional compensation in a spirit of partnership and goodwill.

Do you accept liability for an error made by your side?

Yes, always. We compensate our customers by amending corrections at our expense/ provide a discount or, in case of failure to deliver, a complete refund.



Do I need to make an upfront payment?

Unless stated otherwise in our quote, all payments are to be made upon delivery, testing and accepting of our files. Discounts available for 100% upfront payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank wire or PayPal. We don't accept checks.

What is the payment process?

When you accept the project, we issue an invoice and you pay it within 30 days.

What are your payment terms?

Unless stated otherwise in our quote, no advanced payment is required. However, discounts are available for 100% advance payment (please contact your Account Manager). All issued invoices must be paid within 30 days of invoice date.

What currencies do you work with?

We work with Euro, USD and GBP.



How do you ensure quality?

GoPhrazy redefines localization industry quality as a service delivery that is consistently on-time, in-full and error-free. We constantly measure the OTIFEF KPI and tie achieving targets to employee financial compensation in order to enhance motivation, dedication and commitment for a sustainable, quality service delivery. 

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we are the only company with a 365- day return policy and money-back guarantee in the industry! No matter when you discover an issue with our work, we will correct it free of charge or, in case of failure, provide you with a complete refund.



Do you keep privacy?

GoPhrazy restricts access to information based on a need-to-know and least privilege model. Employees are granted access only to those resources strictly required to fulfill their job duties. Our access control policy is designed to enforce company expectations with regard to passwords, ID cards, and other credentials that protect access to confidential or proprietary information. 

How do I know my material is kept confidential?

Our access control policy applies to all our employees, contractors, volunteers and partners who access our network, mobile devices and/or computers. Our policy applies to all digital information and computing equipment owned by the company. In addition, portions of this policy extend to employees’ personal devices and company information managed by or stored at third-party providers or cloud-based services. Policy expectations are applicable regardless of asset location or control. 



How secure is my content with you?

From the physical design at our office and studio locations, through our bullet-proof platform, media sanitization procedures and studio insurance policies, we have gone far and beyond to guarantee the ultimate security for your media content. Our localization workflow management platform utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services) and brings one of the highest level of security certification to your assets. Your media content and accompanying documentation are completely safe with us.



What systems and tools do you employ?

GoPhrazy utilizes a state-of-the-art, custom configured media localization project management platform that saves your time, costs and enables global collaboration. Thanks to our platform we can now streamline the localization process, providing you with production consistency and service transparency at every step of the way.



How do I become a franchisee?

Please fill in our franchise information request form



How do I apply for a job at your company?

Please submit an application through our job application form

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What is Q.A?

Q.A. (Quality Assurance) process is the final stage of our media localization review procedure. This is the step where we validate the language versions of your media against your provided specifications to ensure their full compliance before delivery. 

What is TEP process?

TEP stands for translation, editing and proofreading. After a translation has been completed, it is edited and proofread by another member of our team who also has the necessary industry expertise and linguistic skills to deliver a high quality script.

What is the standard localization process?

1. Source material validation

2. Resource planning

3. Transcription (if no script is available)

4. Translation, editing and proofreading

5. Subtitle development (if timed-text script is required)

6. Recording, edit and mix

7. Target media validation (before customer delivery)

8. Customer delivery

9. Managing returns (if any)

10. Storing media for future reference (upon customer request)

Is literal translation the best way to ensure accuracy?

No, as different cultures operate within a different context, decoding and encoding in their communication flows based on a different set of beliefs and values.

Is your localization done by humans or machines?

All our services are performed by native humans.

Where are your localization resources located?

We work with approved network partners from all around the world.

What is the role of my account manager?

Your account manager serves as a one point of contact to all your project needs.

How do you ensure consistency?

Through information management, process and technology. We go through the same procedures and engage the same resources every time we work on a continuous project.

How do I select voice talents?

Take advantage of the most detailed and descriptive voice library in the industry!

Do you work weekends?

In order to complete a project on time we often do.

Can I monitor the recording session remotely?

Yes, we provide ISDN, Source connect or phone patch connectivity.

Can I attend the recording session in your studio?

Yes, if you are in town, please swing by! We would be glad to accommodate you!

What is my benefit to refer customers?

We have an affiliate program available! For more information please contact your Account Manager.

What is my benefit if I work with you only?

We have a loyalty program available! For more information please contact your Account Manager.