D & I

As a global service provider, most of our team is remote and scattered around the world. We have just about as many cultures and nationalities as team members on board. Appreciating each other’s traditions, differences and opinions and aligning them with GoPhrazy's company values is our secret to success. We benefit from our diverse pool of backgrounds, cultures, talent, ideas and opinions to a point where we wouldn't be able to expand globally otherwise. A success story we needed to share.


Passing on to our Customers


Diversity and inclusion are at the very heart of our localization process. We perceive localization as the inclusion of diverse groups of people that are with restricted access to communication due to language, cultural, physiological, educational or other barriers. At GoPhrazy we take localization to the next level to further enhance your new market expansion. We apply culturalization- a culture first approach on helping you overcome these barriers and connect to these excluded target groups.


Our diversity policy


GoPhrazy's supplier diversity policy is to proactively identify and build relationships with certified small and minority-owned businesses as well as enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBT and disabled people. Diverse suppliers have an equal opportunity to be included in our sourcing process if demonstrate the ability to add value and their services meet our demanding requirements.


"Addressing modern challenges like climate change requires all the available resources of our society. We need the largest pool possible of diverse ideas, opinions and expertise in order to be able to devise sustainable solutions to such complex global issues. Today we have the knowledge and technology to overcome those threats and yet we don't have the maturity to recognize our differences as a priceless asset that expands our toolset. Instead, we are facing increasing confrontation between people of different origins, ethnicities and religions. It raises my concerns that society is going in the wrong way while running out of time to address the real problems already knocking on our doors."


- Paul Smith, CCO, GoPhrazy


inclusive localization


We all need to do more


Despite all efforts, conventions, directives and changes in the national legislation, there are still underrepresented groups of people who face inequality or discrimination. Unequal access to jobs, lower pay rates, unconscious bias in the recruitment process, limited opportunities for career development and more. Diversity and inclusion are just the first steps towards balance, belonging and equality in a workplace. And we all need to do more as a society to fight bias and social barriers.