AI localization

AI empowered localization services provide enormous scalability and cost-saving opportunities, while our human perception, experience and professional expertise add the final touch to deliver a superior viewer experience. Our hybrid, balanced approach on utilizing latest AI technologies guarantees that your audience will fall in love with your story and characters with our seamless, authentic approach.


AI generation & human post-edit


While AI is an exceptional generative tool, it's the human interaction with the content that turns it into an emotionally charged experience. Our localization experts and linguists go through every single file and perform post-editing tasks to ensure that we convey the authentic experience in a seamless way for your viewers, regardless of the AI inputs, and this combination of technology and people makes us shine. 


Let's boost your productivity


Trust your content with a company that utilizes latest AI technologies while remaining human-centered and reap the benefits of scalability and cost efficiency without any compromise on content quality.

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