As a business that serves the language needs of other businesses, we understand how important competitive rates are for our Customers in order to stay in business, win more projects and thrive. That's why we approach every project individually and provide a custom quote to each request- assessing your project needs or specific requirements in order to maximize cost-saving opportunities. And as everything else that makes GoPhrazy different and unique, with us these are not just words.


Economies of scale


We cover 150+ languages and are a major source of revenue to our in-location partners which places us in a position of preferential treatment- your production is always done first. We group projects, buy in bulk, reduce cost per unit and ultimately, secure very competitive production rates. But we do not do that at the expense of our vendors - just the opposite. We want our partners to thrive and by ensuring more projects we provide them with constant opportunities to grow and scale their costs. GoPhrazy also benefits from economies of scope- by branching out into complementary services (dubbing, subtitling, AD, SDH) that share resources, business functions and production processes.


Technology utilization


GoPhrazy takes full advantage of the latest innovations in technology. From multiple translators working simultaneously on the same script and yet staying consistent due to extensive glossaries, to QA steps on the injection and delivery steps that guarantee compliance with provided specifications, our platform enables us to stay focused on our primary task- to deliver our projects on time, in full and error-free. Our custom-made workflow management system enhances collaboration and automation, ensuring an on-spot production from the very first attempt, saving us time and money.


Supply chain integration


At GoPhrazy we have built a legile supply chain where 90% of the value delivery network is lean (repetitive tasks and orders which drive costs down) and the last 10% customer-facing part is agile (in order to meet and exceed the variability and variation of Customer demand). Thus we derive superior value from our supply network at unbeatable cost while remaining flexible to address all variables on an order.  We constantly review our language supply chain, facilitate flow of data and apply changes on its structure, participating parties and how they collaborate to enhance our service level delivery.


Benefit from our savings


Here at GoPhrazy competitive rates are a strategic priority! Over the years we have invested enormous effort to cut our costs and provide you with a cost advantage over your competitors. Having us on your side improves your competitive position and turns you into a Global player!


Your benefits

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