The rise of OTT platforms boosted the global demand for media localization services through the roof. Providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney + and others constantly produce original content that makes its way to the global market. Multiscreen requirements raised the bar for technical specifications and along with shrinking deadlines imposed a real challenge for the industry.


Deficiencies like the lack of end-to-end industry ERP solutions and the shortage of quality resources (translators, actors, subtitlers) became chronic.  In result, LSPs are struggling to deliver on time, on-specifications and within the budget. And this is where we come in- to give a fellow helping hand.


Increase your capacity


For our 25+ years of professional history, we have managed to build one of the largest pools of professional linguistic talent in the world. With 7000+ translators, 6000+ voice actors and 4000+ subtitling specialists, today we cover 150+ languages. Whether you are in a shortage of professional resources to meet your deadlines or you simply want to increase your capacity, we've got your back. 


Save costs


Through economies of scale, technology utilization and collaborative supplier relationships we are in a position to provide one of the most competitive rates in the media localization industry without compromising quality. Working with us directly is more cost-effective than working with our supplier. 


Reduce administrative burden


You don't have to worry about the project management side when working with us. So sit back and relax while we deal with the assigned part of your project or you can just focus on what you do best.


Extend quality assurance


With a dedicated QA department, we validate each and every file on every step of the workflow. From verifying your source media, through premix and post-mix QC to a full playback on your target media before delivery, you are all set. Our QA process is designed to cover large volumes of content.


Apply cultural validation


With the global population becoming increasingly diverse, the need to communicate effectively with people from different cultures, races, faiths and nationalities has increased exponentially. LSPs are required to convey more complex meanings to audiences that reside in different locations, speak different languages, precept, judge and live by the invisible rules of their own cultures, often within the same country. GoPhrazy gives you the peace of mind that your content is culturally appropriate.


Speaking on your behalf


The increasing complexity of the business environment in which we all operate blurs the lines between clients, suppliers and competitors. These descriptions more and more reflect roles rather than identities. We don't believe in competition. We believe in collaboration and time-to-market. Today, we are your vendor on a particular project. Tomorrow, we are your customer on another.

LSPs we serve

  • Localization companies
  • Translation agencies
  • Language learning providers
  • Multicultural marketing firms
  • Auto translation platforms
  • Transnational call centers
  • Desktop publishing companies
  • Speech technology developers
  • Interpretation bureaus

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