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Latin American Spanish voice talents - selected demos

Listen to our shortlist of selected voice talent demos and choose the perfect voice(s) for your project! Need more demos? Browse our VOICE LIBRARY or contact us to consult your approach!

Dubbing in Latin America


Let's face it- it's quite challenging to come across a Latin American Spanish dubbing service that can actually convey the authentic experience with your content. There's no question that most dubbing companies put a lot of efforts to achieve it- customer content is reviewed and proper translators are assigned, translations are proofread, castings are held and most suitable dubbing artists are selected to match the original voices. Recording and post-production take place in an acoustically treated, secure studio environment and delivery in most cases is easy and convenient.


But there's a catch.


The original content has been produced in another country, within a different cultural context and simply translating it is not nearly enough to transcend the artistic intent. In result, the LATAM Spanish, or any foreign language dubbing ends up being just a distant reflection of the original. And shows that are a total hit on one market end up being mediocre on others after dubbing.


To help you craft an authentic experience with your content in Latin American and achieve a native local version, we apply a culture first approach- we create a dub that considers all the local cultural norms and traditions to recreate a culturally relevant, immersive viewer experience. GoPhrazy provides LATAM dubbing services through our network studio for the needs of your TV, films and movies, cartoon, animation, commercial, theatrical, video game or other content.


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Since 1994 we have localized over 10 000 hours of TV programming in foreign languages for providers like Discovery Channel, TLC, HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and many more. The list gets bigger when we add dubbing of over 1000 film titles for theatrical and TV distribution, as well as blockbuster games like League of legends, GTA and Civilization.


But that's not all.


We are also a preferred multilingual dubbing house to leading advertising agencies like Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi, localizing countless TV commercials for Fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Gillette, Sony, BMW, Danone and more.


Mean what you say in Latin American Spanish

What makes over 300 companies come back and reward us with more than 10 000 projects over the years is our culturally intelligent approach. It’s a group of methods that blend meaning and feeling with local expertise to provide a peace of mind your content is appropriate in LATAM. Instead of simply translating and dubbing your script, we assist you in culturally adapting your content to the Latin American market. By working with linguists and employing cultural sensitivity, we engage the hearts and minds of your Latin American audience and transcend the original feel.


Latin American Spanish dubbing services

Latin American dubbing services


Latin America includes the whole South America, Central America, Mexico and a part of the Caribbean. Latin American Spanish dubbing services are mostly used by Entertainment, Media, Film, Education, Technology and Video game industries for making their media content accessible to their LATAM audience. We help by creating a truly immersive and memorable experience in Latin American Spanish with your content.  Our local versions sound as natural as the original dialogues while capturing all the language nuances. We breathe life into your stories and bring your characters closer to the hearts and minds of your Latin American Spanish speaking viewers.


History behind Latin American Spanish


Spanish language spoken in America is different from the version spoken in Europe in terms of pronunciation and expression and varies widely from country to country. When the Spanish began to colonize America in the late 15th century they brought their language of Latin descent to the continent. Following generations adopted Spanish language but developed differences due to their native language and the specific regional accent of their Spanish colonists. In result, there is a great number of Latin American Spanish accents today that are spoken by over 450 million people across South America, Central America and the Spanish speaking parts of North America.


Our dubbing services:


  • Latin American dubbing actor castings
  • Professional Latin American dubbing directors
  • Lip synchronization recording
  • Lip sync (dialogue) editing
  • 2.0 and 5.1 mix
  • Audio description
  • Graphics localization
  • Audio post-production
  • ADR
  • M&E QC
  • Foley
  • ISDN/ Source Connect



Supported Latin American Spanish Accents:


Anyone who speaks Spanish understands that the accent spoken in Ecuador is different than the one spoken in Bolivia. And that Spanish word could mean one thing in Mexico and completely other thing in Peru. Therefore it is important to narrow down your target audience and specify the exact Spanish accent. At GoPhrazy we provide dubbing in the following LATAM accents:


  • Argentinian dubbing
  • Bahamian dubbing
  • Belizean dubbing
  • Bolivian dubbing
  • Chilean dubbing
  • Colombian dubbing
  • Costa Rican dubbing
  • Cuban dubbing
  • Dominican dubbing
  • Ecuadorian dubbing
  • Grenadian dubbing
  • Guatemalan dubbing
  • Guyanese dubbing
  • Haitian dubbing
  • Honduran dubbing
  • Jamaican dubbing
  • Mexican dubbing
  • Nicaraguan dubbing
  • Panamanian dubbing
  • Paraguayan dubbing
  • Peruvian dubbing
  • Puerto Rican dubbing
  • Salvadorian dubbing
  • Suriname dubbing
  • Uruguayan dubbing
  • Venezuelan dubbing


Neutral Latin American Spanish


There is no official institution to define or enforce a definition of what Latin American Spanish is. That's why a more "toned down" version of the language with as least country-specific idioms as possible has been used in Latin American broadcast media in order to reach a wider audience. That Spanish accent is considered "Neutral" and is mostly recorded in Mexico as it represents the biggest market in Latin America to target Spanish speakers across the continent. Speaking neutral LATAM Spanish requires a conscious effort as every speaker has a certain country-specific accent. Therefore it is considered as a proficiency that is learned with professional practice over time.


Content distribution


We apply a holistic, customer-driven view to identify your needs and consult you on your project. Knowing your industry enables us to deliver consistently across formats, platforms and mediums. Through our culturally intelligent approach we engage your local audience in its native tongue and within its cultural context, considering all the cultural norms, all local traditions and sensitivities. Our Latin American dubbing services cover a large spectra of industries and distribution channels.


Our industry dubbing experience:


  • TV channels
  • Content distributors in Latin American
  • Film producers
  • IPTV service providers in Latin American
  • VOD and OTT platforms
  • AI and machine learning



Content genres


Our Latin American Spanish dubbing services ensure that your local viewers engage with your content on a cultural level. We help you establish a deeper cultural and emotional connection with your Latin American public. Through employing empathy we make sure that it conveys the genuine feel and fascinates your audience regardless of cultural and communication differences. 


We dub the following content:


  • TV series & feature films
  • Theatrical
  • Cartoons and animation
  • Kids songs
  • Documentaries
  • Explainer videos
  • TV & radio commercials
  • Promos & trailers
  • PR & corporate videos
  • Instructional and training videos
  • E-learning
  • Video games
  • Motion picture
  • 3D movies


Latin American Spanish dubbing studios

Latin American dubbing studio


A studio environment of unique architecture, specially designed for finest sound reproduction. From microphone positioning, through frequency corrections, dynamic processing and sound effects, to a perfect balance of the final mix, our sound engineers will apply the dubbing techniques to provide the perfect broadcast quality audio for your LATAM dubbing project.


Our studios


  • Pro Tools & Mac Pro workstations
  • Neumann microphones
  • Integrated production ecosystem
  • Storage in temperature and humidity controlled areas


Dubbing artists


Our native Latin American Spanish dubbing talents paint beautiful pictures in words. They capture the nuances of the LATAM Spanish language to enrich images through sound and create authentic personalities. Thanks to our talented voice artists and dubbing directors, your content is believable, realistic and engaging in Latin American Spanish. Our Latin American Spanish dubbing services include free dubbing actor casting by a pre-recorded voice talent dubbing demo.


Our voice bank:


  • Latin American male & female dubbing artists
  • Latin American dubbing talents of various ages
  • Latin American dubbing actors of different voice characteristics
  • Dubbing artists of various content genre experience
  • Union and non-union Latin American dubbing actors
  • Latin American dubbing demos and samples



Latin American Spanish dubbing artists

Latin American dubbing rates


Due to economies of scale, technology utilization and supply chain integration GoPhrazy provides you with the most competitive rates for Latin American Spanish dubbing services in the industry at no compromise with quality. We build collaborative supplier relationships to guarantee consistency with the costs over time and make our ongoing projects predictable with budgets. At the same time we know that your project is unique. We consider your content genre (broadcast- TV series, movies, cartoon and animation or non-broadcast- video games, e-learning, IVR), distribution channel (TV, OTT, VOD or other), volume of content, number of artists involved, project complexity and other factors to provide you a custom quote that best suits your needs.


Latin American dubbing talent rates


Our Latin American dubbing talent rates depend on the experience of our Spanish dubbing actors, their union membership, the volume of work and other factors. We know every project is unique and we approach it individually. Upon request we can provide custom, most competitive rates for:


  • Latin American dubbing talent casting by custom script
  • Latin American voice artist live casting
  • Latin American male or female dubbing artists rates
  • Latin American union or non-union dubbing actor rates
  • Latin American dubbing directors rates


Latin American dubbing studio rates


Our individual approach allows us to be precise on your needs and optimize your expenses in order to provide you with a cost advantage over your competitors for Latin American Spanish language dubbing services. Upon request we can quote on our most competitive rates for:


  • Latin American dubbing studio booking per hour
  • Latin American recording, editing and mixing rates
  • Latin American lip-sync dubbing
  • Kids songs dubbing
  • Latin American dubbing directors
  • Latin American audio post-production
  • Remote monitoring (ISDN, Source Connect)
  • Rights authorization, usage and buyouts



The beauty of diversity


Here at GoPhrazy we are all fascinated by cultures and engaged in promoting cultural diversity. Our best way to pursue and communicate our purpose is to do what we do best- to provide you with professional Latin American dubbing services for your media content. By helping you connect to your local audience we assist you in sharing new experiences to the people that speak LATAM. It's an exchange that nurtures understanding and respect among people of different cultures.

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