We have come a long way since our humble beginnings in a sound-proof basement back in 1994, working on dubbing and subtitling projects for the local broadcast industry. Our internet connection came from a cable slung out of a window and rains often flooded the space which led to midnight equipment rescuing.  Eventually, we had 16 people working there, and we had to use Bobby’s coffee shop across the street to hold meetings with Clients. Though we loved the place, we had to move.


Based on a true story


The early 1990s were times of breaking down barriers and opening markets to companies anywhere in the world. That has enriched the lives of millions and enabled them to better realize their true potential. It was an exciting new era of sharing knowledge and experience, and we wanted to be a part of it. Since at that time our team all came from non-English speaking countries we as consumers best knew and felt the need for localized content. It was our passion for cultures and technology though which eventually led us to connect content with its global audience, regardless of language.


To be continued...


Decades later our job- delivering the authentic experience with media content to a foreign audience, remains unchanged. Our staff and Clients are still with us and together we continue painting the picture of a diverse, shared world that communicates without any language or cultural barriers.